Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions here, but if you still need help then please contact me directly at or fill out our contact form found in the top menu.

Joining us over at our Facebook Group, the Keepers of the Pocket Dimension is the best way to stay up to date on new projects and behind-the-scenes content!

All projects and models move through the Design/Print/Paint/Post process at different rates. I tend to move through and complete projects based on a combination of market interest and personal motivation/interest. After all, I am doing this for fun! And I want it to remain fun.

The answer for "when will then be now"? "Soon."

Very few model ideas that I have started have ever been abandoned. Each is a challenge in it's own way, but I am a problem solver at heart- so I have trouble letting one go.

Joining us over at our Facebook Group, the Keepers of the Pocket Dimension is the best way to stay up to date on new projects and behind-the-scenes content!

The "Suggestion List" is simply the name I use to refer to my personal list of ideas and future projects. It is constantly growing faster than I can work through it, which is a wonderful problem to have. It is a combination of customer ideas and my own personal ideas/plans.

I am always taking in new ideas and suggestions! Best method is to submit a contact form HERE or reach out via any of my social media channels (found at the bottom of the website).

Just to temper expectations, I work through my list based on a combination of personal and market interest. I do all of this mainly for fun, and having fun while working is incredibly important to me, so the order I move down my list is subject to change as time progresses.

The short answer is yes. The details of that "yes" are really dependent on what you're looking for and your timeline. The alternative is to simply add the idea to my Suggestion List which I move through based on a combination of personal and market interest.

As for work outside of sci-fi, the answer is yes! Though, sci-fi is really my strong suit and my eye is better trained for sci-fi styling and aesthetics. This is primarily due to the hard edges and flat surfaces of science fiction designs that fits my modeling skill sets.

That being said, I have designed models for superhero/comic book styling, medieval and RPG fantasy, and plenty of movie replica props. I may expand in those directions over time, but currently I am focusing on sci-fi as a theme.

Still interested?
I look forward to talking with you! Best way to get the conversation started is by filling out my contact form HERE.

Yes and no. I am hoping to make this less complicated over time, if possible.

For now, all models are either completely pre-supported, partially pre-supported (as a result of providing all pre-supported files used in the test printing process), not pre-supported at all, or not meant for resin printing, 

Pre-supporting models successfully takes a great deal of time and effort. In an effort to create more content in the small amount of free time that I have to commit to Pocket Dimension Studios I do not always pre-support all files for every product.  

That being said, all pre-supported files that I use for test printing my work will always be provided at no additional cost. Occasionally I will also pre-support any additional files that are included that were not explicitly test-printed. For example, I may pre-support and test print the "landed" version of a ship, but not pre-support or test print the "in-flight" version of a ship.

I know and understand the convenience of pre-supported files, but I also know that printer capabilities and personal preferences on support methods can vary wildly.

I primarily use CAD software for my modeling purposes; however, I've also used more organic digital sculpting softwares such as Blender to achieve certain looks and effects when necessary.

I am interested in moving in to digital sculpting and will likely practice with Blender or Zbrush more in the future.