Coming Soon

Below you'll find my future lineup of releases and where everything is at in my Design/Print/Paint/Post process.

As you likely already know, I run this all in my free time; but I do what I can to get through projects at a reasonable pace.  Hopefully this will give you a good idea of where things are at on a more consistent basis and serve as a great space for seeing what is coming down the pipe.  Some times ideas don't work out as planned, so everything is subject to change as needed.

Need something specific?  Can't find the model you're looking for?  Let me know and I'll add it to my Suggestion List! 
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(This page last updated: 08/06/2021)


These items have been successfully test-printed and are awaiting paint!  Once they are painted they will be photographed and posted for sale.


    These items are currently being test-printed to ensure ease of printing and aesthetic appearance.  Sometimes this process only takes one test-print, other times it can take several.
          • Kung Fu and Brawler Roger Rogers


    These items are currently in various states of the design phase.  They may only need final details or they may still be missing wings/engines/limbs/etc.
          • Thin Chicken Mech
          • The Pteradon
          • 2 Different Unannounced Clanker Terrain Pieces
          • The Chaos Corsair (The Lame Lot's signature ship)
          • Additional Cantina Terrain Piece
          • Unannounced Large Droid Miniature
          • Additional icons being added to Ultimate Command Tokens
          • Turret Droid
          • Eagle 5


      These items are "sneak peeks" at future and upcoming projects.  My suggestion list currently has 60+ items on it!  
            • Unannounced Grand Army vehicle
            • More droids!
            • Continued Rebels Time releases
            • Unannounced Imperial Terrain Piece
            • 2x Unannounced Rebel Vehicle
            • Unannounced Large Imperial Vehicle
            • Unannounced Very Large Rebel Vehicle