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Pocket Dimension Studios

Universal Order Tokens (Core Set)

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"Life is good, but it can be better."*

Stand out from the crowd at your next tournament with custom 3D printed and painted Universal Order Tokens!

This is my personal design solution for 3D printed Order Tokens for the game Star Wars: Legion!  Until now, there had not been a 3D printable design that was indistinguishable by touch.

Benefits of this design:

  • Each token is identical so they all feel exactly the same when drawn blind from a bag! They will require paint to differentiate the different ranks.
  • They are identical in diameter to the official tokens, but slightly thicker- typically this means they'll be fine fitting wherever you stored them before (mileage may vary on coin capsules as there are many brands out there).
  • Engraved and inset design reduces wear on the painted surfaces
  • Paint them whatever colors you want to better match your army theme!

The files are designed for resin printing and are provided pre-supported!  18 will fit easily on a small scale resin printer buildplate! 


You Will Receive the Following Digital STL Files:

  • Universal Order Tokens (pre-supported) with the following designs:
    • Galactic Empire
    • Rebel Alliance
    • Separatists (CIS)
    • Galactic Republic


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale)
FDM Printable? Not currently known
Resin Printable? Yes (fits on small resin printers)
- Pre-supported for Resin? Yes (all files are pre-supported)
Test Printing Method Resin Printing


End-User Agreement:

Design and preparation of these models takes a great deal of time and dedication.  Please respect the passion and hard work that goes in to making these products by adhering to the End-User Agreement found below:

Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print any digital files purchased from Pocket Dimension Studios LLC for personal use ONLY and NOT for any commercial printing endeavors, as well as to NOT SHARE or SELL the contents of this product after purchase. 

Printing copies of files for immediate friends and family is perfectly reasonable and understandable.  Commercialization/printing/sharing/passing off files as your own work is strictly NOT allowed. 

Thank you for your understanding.