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Pocket Dimension Studios

Imperial Troop Transport

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Do you need a badass way to unleash your soldiers on the enemy? Have your players recently acquired a Class 546 Cruiser and need a more elegant way to land and visit various planets?

Look no further than this Troop Transport!  Watch the video showing how it comes apart HERE.

Designed to fit SIX Star Wars: Legion miniature figures inside (or SIX 25.4mm Wizards of the Coast RPG miniatures when printed at 88.89%), this bulky, durasteel box with boosters is the perfect drop ship for your crew!

The removable roof design allows for ease of painting and ease of use on the battlefield. The ramp can be positioned closed or opened by simply reseating it within the ship and rotating the ramp pistons.

The model is split multiple ways for easy printing within most standard 3D printer volumes and is accompanied by an assembly diagram for ease of use. Solid, closed versions of the model are also included for those looking to print at a much smaller scale.

UPDATE: A solid version of the model has been added to the fileset for small scale printing- this has not been test printed, so please contact me with any difficulties.  Also, a hollowed-out roof has been added to allow for lights to be possibly installed in the roof!


You Will Receive the Following Digital STL Files:

  • The Imperial Troop Transport STL files


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale)
FDM Printable? Yes 
Resin Printable? Yes (fits on small resin printers)
- Pre-supported for Resin? Not at this time
Test Printing Method FDM printing
Overall Finished Dimensions 332mm x 171mm x 92mm


End-User Agreement:

Design and preparation of these models takes a great deal of time and dedication.  Please respect the passion and hard work that goes in to making these products by adhering to the End-User Agreement found below:

Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print any digital files purchased from Pocket Dimension Studios LLC for personal use ONLY and NOT for any commercial printing endeavors, as well as to NOT SHARE or SELL the contents of this product after purchase. 

Printing copies of files for immediate friends and family is perfectly reasonable and understandable.  Commercialization/printing/sharing/passing off files as your own work is strictly NOT allowed. 

Thank you for your understanding.