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Pocket Dimension Studios

Scooter Hooligan Roger Rogers

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"STAP... Hammer time!"

Beware the Scooter Hooligans!  Swift, nimble, and sleek- they can decimate your enemies in one fell swoop! .... Or roll 6 misses... that's fine too.

Here's what's cool about these guys:

  • The Scooter Hooligan Roger Rogers are modular!  All of their parts are interchangeable with all of my other Roger Roger products!  Mix and match to your heart's content!  (Don't forget to mirror parts in your slicer for twice the options!) 
  • You get THREE different tops for your speeders!  Standard, gatling, and flamethrower!
  • You get handlebars with left, right, or both holding on so you can swap in other arms from my other Roger Roger sets!  (There's also a set with no arms attached so you can print one without a rider.)
  • The design of the flight stand offers more dynamic posing options because it stays out of the way of the speeder better than official models.
  • The two different flight stands use the same height and tip as the official models, which means you can use extras you might have on hand instead of printing more!

All files are pre-supported and designed for resin printing only.



      You Will Receive the Following Digital STL Files (all pre-supported):

      • Scooter Main Hull
      • 3 Scooter Top Weapon Options: Standard, Gatling, and Flamethrower
      • Plain 50mm base (pre-supported)
      • Rider Model
        • Option to use standard backpack or integrated comm unit
        • Head, Legs, torso
        • Handlebars with one or two arms attached (left only, right only, both)
        • Handlebars with no arms attached
      • 2 flight stands at different heights



      Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale)
      FDM Printable? No
      Resin Printable? Yes (fits on small resin printers)
      - Pre-supported for Resin? Yes (all files are pre-supported)
      Test Printing Method Resin Printing


      End-User Agreement:

      Design and preparation of these models takes a great deal of time and dedication.  Please respect the passion and hard work that goes in to making these products by adhering to the End-User Agreement found below:

      Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print any digital files purchased from Pocket Dimension Studios LLC for personal use ONLY and NOT for any commercial printing endeavors, as well as to NOT SHARE or SELL the contents of this product after purchase. 

      Printing copies of files for immediate friends and family is perfectly reasonable and understandable.  Commercialization/printing/sharing/passing off files as your own work is strictly NOT allowed. 
      Thank you for your understanding.