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Pocket Dimension Studios

The Spaceship

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"HEY! You can't park here!"

After many months, The Spaceship is finally ready for sale!  I have poured over car manuals, old set photos, behind the scenes content, and pictures of the prop on display to bring you the most detailed model of this iconic ship I can fathom (not including the undercarriage).  This model really has been a labor of love, and I'm so happy to finally share it with you.

This 1:48 scale model was designed to be printed successfully on FDM or small-scale resin printers!  Only a few small pieces, such as the horns or periscope may prove difficult for an FDM printer. 

Both versions feature two different options for the rear of the ship!  One displays the hyper jets, and the other simply shows the spare tire.

Included is a 175x100mm base so that you can use it as a proxy for a certain truck/speeder hybrid in your tabletop games!  Apart from the huge wings, it actually fits it quite well, as you can see in the photos! 

Oh! And I've thrown in as a PDF the decals sheet that I used to make my decals using printer paper and Mod Podge.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE the miniatures pictured! Head on over to Skull Forge Studios, he's got exactly what you need :)


You Will Receive the Following Digital STL Files:

  • The Spaceship files (all pre-supported) inclusive of:
    • Main hull, wings, wheels, horn, license plates, periscope, hyper drive insert, and plain rear insert
  • Plain 175x100mm base (pre-supported)
  • Decal sheet I used to add the decals to the model


      Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale)
      FDM Printable?

      Yes (periscope and horns print seperately and may not print well on FDM)

      - Supports Needed for FDM?

      Yes, very minimal

      Resin Printable? Yes (fits on small resin printers)
      - Pre-supported for Resin? Yes (all files are pre-supported)
      Test Printing Method Resin Printing


      End-User Agreement:

      Design and preparation of these models takes a great deal of time and dedication.  Please respect the passion and hard work that goes in to making these products by adhering to the End-User Agreement found below:

      Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print any digital files purchased from Pocket Dimension Studios LLC for personal use ONLY and NOT for any commercial printing endeavors, as well as to NOT SHARE or SELL the contents of this product after purchase. 

      Printing copies of files for immediate friends and family is perfectly reasonable and understandable.  Commercialization/printing/sharing/passing off files as your own work is strictly NOT allowed. 

      Thank you for your understanding.